There’s the Instagrammable picture perfect parenting world.

There’s the Instagrammable picture perfect parenting world.

And then there’s the real world.

And then there’s the real world.

We live in the real world. Come on in… the water’s fine.

In the real world of our parenting lives, the kids are often sticky, the parents always need another cup of coffee, and everyone could use a nap. We live in the land of BIG emotions, busy schedules and a mountain of laundry that never seems to get folded.

It’s messy here. And it’s also beautiful; there’s lots of laughter, there’s room to make mistakes and try again (for the tiny humans AND the grown up humans), everyone gets a voice and vote, and we’re always trying our best to let the message of love come through.

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Our Story

Parenting... It's amazing. It's beautiful. And it's hard. Damn hard. And… everyone is always telling you you’re doing it wrong. We’re here to offer something different.

In 2015, two friends joined forces to see what they could do to build a community where families felt supported, where kids got the chance to build skills and learn from their mistakes, and where “good parenting” didn’t focus on blame or shame or hiding the dirty laundry.

For us, good parenting means:

  • It feels good/respectful to the parents

  • It feels good/respectful to the kids

  • It’s effective, over the long term

In a world that bombards us with constant pressures to parent the “right” way, Positive Parenting Seattle is all about building families where there aren’t winners and losers, but rather a team (led by confident, courageous, connected parents) working hard together to move through this wonderful and challenging life.

Positive Parenting Seattle, led by Co-Founder Katie Gruver, provides classes, workshops and coaching with the goal of helping parents and caregivers confidently provide the boundaries, skills, love and connection that their kids need to grow with kindness and firmness at the same time. (Our other co-founder Anne Granderson, now runs The Village in North Bend. If you’re on the East Side of Seattle… check her out!!)