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Katie Gruver - Founder, Positive Parenting Seattle

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Parent Coach & Speaker

I’ll be honest with you: I thought parenting would be easy. Not without bumps, of course, but you know… intuitive, fun, joyful and even perhaps, carefree. (Insert hysterical laughter here.)

After 7+ years of parenthood, sometimes charging through with flying colors and sometimes falling flat on my face in the mud, I’ve realized a few essential truths:

  • This work of raising children is hard. Truly, truly hard. Not because we’re doing it “wrong,” but because we’re growing into a role about which we care deeply and because our kids are ever-evolving, moving targets.

  • It might get easier, but it will never be easy.

  • We aren’t meant to do this alone

I started out with a clear idea of success: a blissful life where my children are happy all the time, my house is clean and I’m fulfilled at every moment. Over time, I’ve now grown into the belief that my goal as a parent is to find “moments of joy” and to build a family that’s flexible, makes amends when we make mistakes and is deeply connected to one another, rough edges and all.

For me, the parenting books and blogs didn’t help me figure this out. But community … specifically, building community with other parents … did.

I am a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and have been working with families for more than 7 years. The majority of my clients have children between 2 and 6 years old, though I work with families at every age and stage of development. I am adjunct faculty at North Seattle College and Seattle Central College, where I work at a number Seattle-area preschools and kindergartens providing parent education and teacher support. In additional, I speak at many local community groups, schools and parent organizations on topics such as Positive Discipline, self care, social justice and building anti-racist families and communities.

Prior to starting Positive Parenting Seattle, I worked for almost a decade in international development at various microfinance-focused nonprofit organizations, spent time at two education-focused tech startups in Seattle and worked as writer for Red Tricycle (the parenting magazine).

Degrees & Certifications
Willamette University, BA in Rhetoric & Communication
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator by Positive Discipline Association
Certified Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator
Parent to two amazing (wild, creative, rambunctious, funny, ever-changing) kids



Brent Swartz - Facilitator

“I am a Public Health Nurse with King County working with homeless children and their families. In working with at risk children I have learned that strong parenting skills can insulate children from significant trauma and allows parents to find joy and self confidence in any situation.

I am most fascinated with infancy and early childhood, developing skills and training in infant mental health and positive discipline as the cornerstones of understanding how early childhood experiences shape people through the course of their lifetime. When not visiting families at shelters, encampments, or on the streets, my wife Annelisa, my 4 year old son Finnley, and my 2 year old daughter Hazel and I can be found hiking and camping in the mountains, or sailing in the San Juans on our small family sail boat.”


Anne Granderson - Co-Founder

Anne recently relocated with her husband and four awesome kiddos to North Bend, WA. Luckily, she still comes back to Seattle on occasion to co-teach with Katie, but if you’re on the East Side and looking for parenting support or a speaker to talk to your organization or school, you can find her at The Village. Her expertise is in child development, infant mental health, Positive Discipline, attachment theory and helping parents build a mindfulness practice.