Welcome to Positive Parenting Seattle! We’re so happy you are here.

Our mission is to help parents, teachers and caregivers build deeply connected and cooperative relationships with the children in their world; helping families find more moments of joy, even amid the challenges.

We offer workshops, private parent coaching and public speaking events to parents, families, schools and anyone who cares for young children (nannies, grandparents, teachers). We can’t wait to meet you too!


Katie Gruver, Co-founder of Positive Parenting Seattle, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator & mom of two.

“I have been working with parents for 7 years in various support, education and coaching roles. I am also adjunct faculty at North Seattle College & Seattle Central College, where I work as a Parent Educator at various preschools (& one kindergarten!) throughout Seattle.

I love working with families because I deeply believe we all need more support in this wonderful and deeply challenging work of parenting. I teach Positive Discipline because it is deeply rooted in respect, both for one’s self and one’s children. I am drawn to the inherent curiosity needed to work with children (as we’re often asking ‘Why are they doing that?’). I believe our children’s behavior is always telling us something; our job is to listen and respond in a way that is both effective and relationship-building.”

What people are saying about our classes: 

"This was a really helpful class that allowed me the brain space to think about my approach to parenting. Before taking this class I was really stuck in a rut and feeling overwhelmed by my 4 year old and 17 month old. This class gave me some simple and real life ways that I could better navigate my relationship with my kids and make our lives happier and more balanced. Thank you!!"

"So, if I were to only take one class on parenting, Positive Parenting is the one. I feel really lucky to have found this class, and especially Katie and Anne, and feel that it was the best bang for the buck that I could have hoped for. Thanks a ton, big fan." - Brent S. (Seattle)

"I'm so thankful for Katie and Anne (for) introducing me to a fresh and encouraging way to look at parenting. I had fallen into a routine of discipline that was not working for my family and felt like I needed some new tools! I found so many useful tools that I was excited to try out! This class is a must for anyone that needs some encourage and inspiration in their parenting. I am so grateful!"