All classes are based on the nationally recognized Positive Discipline method which revolves around the belief that it is possible (and effective) to be both kind AND firm at the same time as you build cooperation in your family. In our time together, we'll offer practical strategies to bring greater ease, joy, and stronger relationships into your home. We hope you leave feeling energized and empowered to do the hard (and wonderful) work of parenting your amazing kids.

Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Classes*

December 8th:
Positive Parenting Mini-Series (10am-3:30pm)

  • 10am-12pm: Introduction to Positive Discipline

  • 1pm – 3:30pm: Finding Your Calm (Even) Through Tantrums, Routines & Sibling Rivalry (*Intro required)

During our "Getting Ready for The New Year" Positive Parenting Mini-Series, we're excited to help you jump into 2019 with a new perspective and lots of encouragement about how to build a family filled with more ease and cooperation. This series includes our ever-popular “Intro to Positive Discipline” class, as well as a 2.5 hour deep dive into some of the most common (and most frustrating) parenting challenges: Big emotions (tantrums), Routines and Sibling Rivalry (including adding new babies to the family, and physical aggression).

(Sign up for just the Intro, or the whole day!)

$40/pp for a single section, or $75/pp for the whole day

January 2019 - 7 Week Positive Parenting SEries
(Now at TWO convenient times!)

  • Friday Morning 7 Week Series: Jan 18th - Mar 8th (9:30-11:30am)

  • Tuesday Evening 7 Week Series: Jan 22 - Mar 12th (7-9pm)

    During our 7 weeks together, you’ll learn alongside other parents and caregivers like yourself while we collectively dive deep into heart of Positive Discipline and embrace the possibility that we can build a family filled with fun, cooperation and mutual respect. Each week, we’ll focus on bringing forth our own unique gifts as parents, and how to help our kids build the life-skills they need to be the successful, caring and marvelous humans we know they can be. We’ll deal with the trickiest of parenting issues (everything from hitting and aggression, to chores, sibling rivalry, back talk and bedtimes), and give you time to practice the skills and strategies that might be more helpful and effective. This is a hands-on, skill-building class, where we look at what our kids’ behavior is telling us, and use a relationship-focused and brain-informed approach to encourage a more positive and cooperative response.

    This class is all about acknowledging that parenting is hard, that there is no such thing as a perfect parent (or a perfect kid!) and also that there IS a way to find a few more moments of joy!

    $220/pp or $400/couple

(*Scholarships always available)

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"This Positive Discipline class has helped me appreciate that I want to raise my children in a way that encourages them to be thoughtful, kind and confident adults. I gained tools that allow me to shout less, laugh more and strengthen the bond I share with my kids." -Emily M. (Seattle)

"This class helped (me) to know it is OK to take a minute for myself once in awhile. Also, that calm is key for both me and my children. When we are not calm no one can hear anything the other is saying. Thank you, Anne and Katie!"