Parenting... It's amazing. It's beautiful. And it's hard. Damn hard.

In our search to bring some calm to the craziness and build the connected, respectful, kind and playful families that we want, we've become smitten with Positive Discipline (a program used by child and family therapists and schools nationwide, including Seattle Public Schools) for its focus on building a tool set for families that are both kind and firm, and deeply respectful toward both adults and kids. 

We believe in building communities of parents supporting each other through the joys and challenges of parenting.  Our hope is for parents (us included!) to feel good about the way we are raising our kids and prepare them to be engaged, responsible citizens of the world.

Our Story

Anne Granderson

I am launching Positive Parenting Seattle because I believe in the power of shared experience, problem-solving and learning.  I also think parents are superheroes and love listening to parents’ war stories and triumphs.  If you get to know me you will quickly realize that I am idealistic and optimistic, while always working to be grounded and present.

In a world that bombards us with constant pressures to parent the “right” way, I am adamant that the only thing “right” is what feels right for you and your family.  I believe that for parents to find more joy and ease in parenting, they need to give themselves grace while also taking time to be intentional about the kind of parent they want to be.  In my mind, the combination of grace and intention gives parents the balance they need to walk confidently down the road of parenthood with a community of support behind them and their child thriving right beside them.

As the mom of FOUR incredible little humans (Isa, 5; Rosie, 3; Grace and James, baby twins), I have found comfort in my understanding of positive parenting practices and would love nothing more than to connect with other parents around the work of raising confident, capable and cooperative children.

My career path has always focused on the well being of children, starting as a second grade teacher, then working in education policy, and currently focusing on prevention of child abuse and neglect at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  I have also looked to PEPS for support and continue to lead newborn and second-time-around groups as a way to connect with families adjusting to their newly expanded roles.

I can’t wait to meet you!

University of Washington, BA in Political Science
University of Washington, MA in Elementary Education
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator by Positive Discipline Association
Certified Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator
Trained in: Promoting First Relationships

Katie Gruver

I think parenting is some of the most important work done on this planet. I think empowering parents to feel confident, calm and kind as well as clear in their boundaries and capable of respecting both themselves and their kids is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give to future generations.

And, I’ll be honest with you: I thought parenting would be easy. Not without bumps, of course, but you know… intuitive, fun, joyful and even perhaps, carefree. (Insert hysterical laughter here.)

After six plus years of parenthood, sometimes charging through with flying colors and sometimes falling flat on my face in the mud, I’ve realized a few essential truths:

  • This work of raising children is hard. Truly, truly hard. Not because we’re doing it “wrong,” but because we care. (And because our kids are ever-evolving, moving targets.)

  • It might get easier, but it will never be easy.

  • It gets easier when we do the hard work of evolving with our kids.

  • We aren’t meant to do this alone

Realizing that my goal as a parent can be to find “moments of joy” rather than create the illusive life of absolute bliss, feels like both a relief and a very empowering, reasonable and attainable goal.

For me, the parenting books and blogs didn’t help me figure this out. But community … specifically, building community with other parents … did.

I’m excited to launch Positive Parenting Seattle because my personal and professional passion is to empower individuals and communities. I’ve worked for multiple international development nonprofits, spent time at two education-focused tech startups and been a writer for a parenting magazine. I’ve also spent many hours facilitating PEPS groups for new parents and leading monthly discussion groups with parents around social justice topics.

With Positive Parenting Seattle, I hope to create an environment where parents can learn from each other, where we can remember that we have the power to change ourselves (not our children) and where we can offer up tools and skills to parents not as a “must do” but as a possible new perspectives. I’d like to help change the parenting conversation from what people are doing wrong, to a confidence-building discussion around what feels right to you, and what is effective for your family.

What I love about the Positive Discipline approach is that it is rooted in the belief that our deepest human desire (after food and safety) is a sense of love and belonging.

If this rings true for you (or you want it to ring true for you), I hope you’ll join us in giving some time and attention to this wonderful, crazy and complex journey of parenthood

Willamette University, BA in Rhetoric & Communication
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator by Positive Discipline Association
Certified Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator